Minimum Age: 18 years

Consists of:

Pre-Drive Check &

2 On-Road Stages

Stage 1:

Reverse Parallel Park;

3 Point Turn.

Must have passed

Hazard Perception Test

PRIOR to Drive Test.


If Under 21:

120 log book hours

(including 20 night)

21 & over:

No Log Book required

(Identical Drive Test

is taken)

Red Ps / Green Ps.


Driving (Licence) Test - Victoria

VicRoads Drive Test:

The VicRoads Drive (Licence) Test requires applicants to undertake an approximately 35-40 minute “on-road” driving assessment which begins and ends at one of the VicRoads “Licence Testing Centres”.

(Complete list: VicRoads Drive-Test locations).

The making of just 2 ‘critical errors’ during the Drive Test can be enough to FAIL an applicant.... that is, for example, simply failing to do a “head check” when merging lanes and then not “indicating” at one of the required moments during a Reverse Parallel Parking manoeuvre is enough to cause an applicant to fail his / her VicRoads Drive Test within the first 10 minutes.

(The State average is for roughly 2 out of every 5 applicants to fail their Drive Test on the first attempt).

In Summary:

The VicRoads Drive Test is made up of a pre-drive check and two stages of on-road driving. You will only progress to the second stage if you pass the first stage, and the on-road stages may only be attempted following satisfactory passing of the pre-drive check.

IMPORTANT: Please note that, prior to attempting your Drive Test, you must have successfully completed an “online” Hazard Perception Test either remotely or at one of the VicRoads designated HPT locations.

Pre-Drive Check:

Knowledge/Operational Functionality:

You must know where the following controls are and how to use them:

                          - Headlights (Low & High beam);

                          - Indicators;

                          - Hazard Lights;

                          - Brake Lights;

                          - Windscreen washers / wipers;

                          - Horn;

                          - Handbrake;

                          - Front & rear demisters.

Stage One - On-road:

Basic Driving Ability:

The first stage is designed to assess your safety as a driver in less challenging conditions. You will spend about 10-15 minutes driving then stop the car while the licence testing officer calculates your score. If you do anything unsafe, the drive test will be terminated and you will fail.

The licence testing officer (LTO) will give you simple, clear instructions during the test (eg. “at the next street, turn right”). You must follow his/her instructions and show that you can drive safely and efficiently. If you are unsure of an instruction, you may ask for it to be repeated.

The first stage will include:

                          - Starting the car;

                          - Left & right turns at intersections (controlled & uncontrolled);

                          - Changing lanes;

                          - REVERSE PARALLEL PARKING;

                          - or doing a THREE POINT TURN.


The LTO will be paying close attention to your observation skills, including adequate mirror use and blind spot checking, as well as the correct positioning (lateral and protrusional) of the vehicle for turns. Knowledge of vehicular turn priorities will also be noted.

Stage Two - On-road:

Driving on Busier Roads:

If you pass the first stage you will progress to the second stage. The second stage is conducted in busier traffic. It is designed to assess your ability to safely execute normal, day-to-day driving tasks.  It will take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Stage 2 will include:

                          - Driving in busy traffic;

                          - Changing lanes;

                          - Merging with other traffic;

                          - Left & right turns into multi-lane roads;

                          - Parking in preparation for final shut-down procedure;


The LTO will be paying close attention to: compliance with road rules; vehicle control, including smooth acceleration and deceleration; demonstration of satisfactory observation before and during manoeuvres; giving and maintaining of satisfactory signalling; lateral positioning in lanes and for turns; protrusional positioning for intersections; and safe gap selection in traffic.

Overall Advice - PREPARATION:

The Drive-Test lasts approximately 30-40 minutes of “drive-time” (approx. 1 hour if you include administrative times before and after the test).

In general terms, the following driving skills will be assessed: Observation; Signal use; Gap selection; Speed choice; Following distance; Lateral position; Stop position; Parking; Three point turn; Control.


          -it is highly advised that you prepare yourself for the test by having some quality driving lessons;

          -(even though you may consider yourself to be a good driver and to have been taught by respected friends and family members, your “real-world” way of doing things may be different to what “VicRoads” expects of you during the test).

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How to Improve Your Chance of Passing:

The PHYSICAL DRIVE TEST varies with each LOCATION. Some of Melbourne’s VicRoads “Licence Testing Centres” are commonly regarded as harder or easier than others, whilst others have more technically demanding yet less dangerous Test Routes than others.

If you wish to do your Driving Test in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, you may do it at the VicRoads "Ringwood" licence testing centre or the “Ringwood TIC” (testing & inspection centre). (You do not have to do your Drive Test at the closest test centre to where you live..... you may, for example, live in the “south eastern” suburbs of Melbourne yet elect to do your drive test at an “eastern” suburban licence testing centre).

(Complete list: VicRoads Licence Testing Centres).

Just like preparing for High School and University exams, the more you become familiar with what is likely to be asked of you during the Drive Test and the better informed you are of the “peculiarities” of some Test Routes in the LOCATION that you are considering doing your VicRoads Drive Test in, such as the

                   - presence of Multi-lane Roundabouts,

                   - merging of lanes in particular areas,

                   - presence of “Slow Point / One Lane” streets,

                   - presence of trees / bushes obstructing your view for turns, and

                   - narrowness of median strips you may need to rest your vehicle in,

the better the chance you will have of PASSING.

If you wish to have quality “Drive Test” instruction for the VicRoads Ringwood, Burwood East or Mooroolbark driving test routes, please visit the below website:

Melbourne Outer Eastern Driving School

or call / text BRENDAN on:

Mob: 0423 164 943


Ph: 9884 1868

(Please try Mobile Number First)

( If Brendan doesn’t answer his mobile immediately, please leave a voicemail

or text message and he will generally get back to you within an hour.....

ie., he will probably be on a lesson / test and unable to answer you. )



Driving (Test) lessons are available from all of Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs (including Belgrave, Blackburn, Boronia, Burwood, Burwood East, Chirnside Park, Croydon, Ferntree Gully, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley, Heathmont, Kallista, Kilsyth, Knox, Knoxfield, Lilydale, Mitcham, Monbulk, Montrose, Mooroolbark, Mount Waverley, Mount Evelyn, Nunawading, Ringwood, Sassafras, Scoresby, Tecoma, The Basin, Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey, Vermont, Wantirna, Warranwood and Warrandyte).

If you live in the inner eastern suburbs, pick-ups from a rail station

close to where you wish to do your Drive-Test can be arranged.

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Key Skills



Signal use;

Gap selection;

Speed choice;

Following dist;

Lateral position;

Stop position;


3 Point turn;


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